Pretreatment, Industrial Parts Washing and Degreasing Systems

Wash Water Capture, Treatment and Recovery Systems

Industrial parts washing for production lines, metal pretreatment prior to finishing, MRO, and rebuild operations all share one requirement: efficient water handling, disposal and recycling. Riveer offers a wash and recycling system to accomplish these tasks quickly, effectively and safely. Riveer pretreatment, washing and degreasing systems are engineered to efficiently use and recycle your preferred cleaning solutions, be it a degreaser or phosphate, zirconium, nano. . . you name it. No propriety chemicals required. Use what’s best for your process. . . and your pocket book.

Water Treatment Systems

Recycling Systems (RTS)

Water filtration, coalescing, RO, separation and recycling requirements.

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Wash Booth Systems

Wash Booth Systems

Specially designed booths work environments within your existing facility.

Wash Booths

Equipment Wash Racks

Degreasing Wash Racks

Effective solutions for capturing, containing and recovering wash water.

Wash Racks

Pre-Engineered Industrial Washing Systems

Plug & Play Wash Rack

Wash and degrease your large parts and equipment in a safe and effective manner.


Custom Wash Rack Systems

Custom Cleaning Systems

Riveer can design, build and install to your exact requirements.


wash rack support

Support & Training

After-market support, replacement parts and maintenance programs.

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Automatic and Wash Wand Pretreatment Operations

The Riveer line of Industrial Systems spans the requirements of today’s compliant manufacturing operations. Riveer capture, treatment and recovery systems are designed to optimize water and water-based solutions to clean, degrease or pretreat just about every part used throughout your facility.

From manual wand (pressure washer wand) processes to fully automated wash systems, Riveer’s experienced engineers and salespeople can help save time, resources and chemicals while also improving production rates, process repeatability, part cleanliness and operating within a zero-discharge environment.