Zinc and Iron Phospate Metal Pretreatment

Closed Loop Metal Pretreatment System For Superior Finishes

Phosphater recycles phosphate, zirconium other metal pretreatment solutions in powder, paint, E-coat, and plating systems, and can be used for degreasing large metal components and equipment.

Cut Your Phosphate Costs By 80%

  • High-Pressure cleaning and degreasing
  • EPA Compliant, Zero Discharge
  • Vacuum suction continually removes water
  • High throughput wash, rinse, filtration and reclamation
  • GripStartTM on/off
  • Reduce chemical consumption 80%
  • Complete plug and play package
  • System of choice throughout the world
wash water recovery systems

This closed loop washing and filtration system is ideal for phosphate cleaning and degreasing applications.

This closed loop washing and filtration system is ideal for phosphate cleaning and degreasing applications. Used in hundreds of finishing systems, the Phosphater power washes with phosphate solutions and recycles the solution for reuse. Phosphater can also be used with Riveer above ground wash racks or an existing trench drain or sump. This zero discharge system allows for environmentally safe acid washing and employs a stainless filtration system, many of which have been in constant use in this application since 1998. The unit comes with a regenerative blower to suck up process water from Riveer above ground racks or shallow sumps. Sump pumps can also be used when appropriate.

The Phosphater is ideal for pretreatment applications in powder, paint, E-coat, and plating systems. Because the wash solution is being recycled, users can acid wash as long as necessary without worrying about sending thousands of dollars of chemistry down the drain. The Riveer Phosphater has saved powder coaters tens of thousands of dollars every year by recycling phosphate pre-treatment chemicals. Whether you are degreasing equipment or applying phosphate conversion coating, the Phosphater can save you time and money while the closed loop system ensures environmental compliance.

A Flexible Multi Stage Wash – Rinse – Treat System

Your Riveer system can be engineered and built to handle multiple stages of pretreatment cleaning, rinse and sealing.

These different stages work together to provide unparalleled equipment cleaning while preventing ground water contamination and simultaneously reducing water and sewage costs.

Easy to Operate, Simple to Maintain

  • The Phosphater provides a cost effective means of cleaning equipment while preventing ground water contamination and simultaneously reducing water/sewage costs.
  • Can be set up with multiple stages for a little extra investment, wash, rinse, coat. Up to five stages with your recovery system.
  • The standard Phosphater is closed loop (the effluent water may be disposed under some conditions in some areas, check with your local water treatment plant).
  • Each Phosphater wash rack is watertight and seals securely to adjoining racks to prevent gaps in containment. Riveer can build you custom size pads with built-in high speed recovery for quick changeover from wash to rinse without delay or cross contamination.
  • The all stainless steel Phosphater uses vacuum to recover process water from above ground wash racks, trench drains and mats.
  • Standard filtration with this system includes an oil coalescing and oil skimming, ozone injection, 24/7 recirculation, a pressurized line feed and two absolute filters.

Best of Class Features For Paint, Powder and Plating Operations

  • Built-in regenerative blower provides suction to recover water from steel racks, in-ground sumps
  • GripStartTM operation
  • Recycles phosphate solutions, alkaline solutions, rinse solutions and water
  • Stainless steel
  • 200-gallons of solids settling
  • NEMA 4 electrics
  • PLC controlled
  • Continuous ozone injection
  • Oil Coalescing
  • Automatic oil skimmer
  • Absolute filtration to 5 micron – 24/7 Continuous recirculation

Metal finishing pretreatment systems for automatic production.